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    Infrared Asphalt Repair, Infrared Asphalt Heater

    Brief Introduction
    Due to the pavement diseases such as pit slot, crack and substance, it is necessary to do the patching and maintenance work for the asphalt road. Then a large amount of old asphalt mixture will be cleared away after digging and milling. It is estimated that the annual amount of the old asphalt mixture reaches 160 million tons only for the maintenance projects of our arterial highways. If such large amount of old asphalt mixture could not be recycled, it will cause serious environmental pollution and resources waste. In order to advocate the green maintenance concept, save the natural resources like asphalt and aggregate, and realize the resources recycling and environmental protection, Metong Company combines Chinese road maintenance situation with years of cooperative experience with American Phenix Company, and develops the LMT5120TYHZ hot recycling asphalt Road Maintenance EquipmentThis kind of maintenance truck combines multiple functions like hot in-place recycling of RAP materials, cold mixture heating, and new material mixing into one. It could work around the clock, which greatly reduces the cost and realizes the economy and practicability.

    This hot recycling asphalt Road Maintenance Equipmentis mainly used to recycle the old asphalt mixture to provide the maintenance service for highway, municipal road and arterial highway of the first and second degree.

    Technical Parameter
    Model LMT5120TYHZ
    Product Name Infrared Asphalt Repair
    Chassis Model DFA1120SJ11D5
    Pattern Flat Head, 4×2 rear drive
    Engine Type CY4102-CE4B
    Power (kw/rpm) 100/2800
    Emission Standard GB17691-2005 (National Ⅳ)
    Tire Specification 8.25-20/8.25R20
    Outline Dimension (mm) 7540×2250×3750
    Complete Vehicle Kerb Mass (kg) 8760
    Max. Total Mass (kg) 12250

    Construction Case

    LMT5120TYHZ hot recycling asphalt maintenance truck used on the Hangzhou-Xin'an'jiang-Jingdezhen highway